I've been Smitten

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I need some new clothes to fit my "new" postpartum body. I went to the mall yesterday to help my husband get a suit for my sister's wedding next week. I figured what the hay I'll try on some tops.

First, let me give some background. In the morning, I fed the baby and left to return to some unwanted items to various stores around town. The baby was an angel during all return procedures. Even in the dreaded WalMart return line. I stopped at a shoe store to return a pair I had ordered online and of course as soon as I start browsing, he immediately begins to cry. So I put down what I had in my hand, put on my sneaker and left. I drive to the mall, return another pair of shoes I had bought for my daughter and again the baby is as pleasant as can be. I start perusing the store for myself, immediate fussing from the baby. I think is he messing with me, does he know that I'm looking for myself.

I meet my husband and we look for suits for about thirty minutes, silence from the baby. The sales lady is complimenting me on such a good baby. I roll my eyes. I feed the baby in the dressing room while my husband begins his fashion show. He chooses a suit and leaves to return to work. I am still feeding the baby. After he is finished eating I put my now content and sleepy son in the stroller. I proceed to look for some goodies for myself. As soon as I step into the dressing room...wails. As you all know from a previous blog, this is the second time this has happened in the dressing room. I think it's karma. My newborn is trying to tell me to not waste my money. I get dressed, place my items on the return rack and leave the store. As soon as I hit the car...snores from the stroller. BLURG!! I say NO!! I must get just one thing to wear for my sister's rehearsal dinner. I'm here and I might not have a chance to come back. (you know because my husband is golfing in Myrtle Beach this week, so I might not even get a chance to shower) I go back and pick up the tops that I did get to sample, but they were small on me so I purchase the next size bigger. I am the second in line. I think great I'll be out of here in a jiffy...nope think again sucka. I waited for about 20 minutes because the old lady behind the counter was having a hard time with the computer and is now chit-chatting with the customer that she is assisting. Baby starts crying and now I have to pick him up and console him. I almost left without buying anything again. Finally I purchased my oversized tent to pull off as some sort of fashionable outfit next Thursday and left the store with my head-a-hangin'.

I stopped at weight watchers on the way home. They were not open. I got the meeting times and went back this morning to join. I am officially a fatty and will not be eating anything until I've reached my goal weight. Hopefully it won't take too long because I'M STARVING!!!!

Oh, and I tried to buy a strand of pearls, cheap ones off the rack. They were so intertwined with each other that I got frustrated and left. I went back a second time while the baby was asleep to see if I could work out the knot. He started to cry. I can't have anything that I want. WHAAA!!

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