I've been Smitten

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Things I Learned This Week:

  1. My sister has returned. The stressed girl that was, before June 13th, has disappeared and my sister has returned. Yeah!! It was worth it...what a beautiful day!!

  2. Going back to work was nice. But I still love the days off with my kids. Even if most of the day is spent looking for a bathroom and in the bathroom.

  3. After drinking a pot of coffee a day for 3 months while on maternity leave, I need it. I don’t have the time at work to get more than 2 cups and I am going through withdrawl. I need my Chock Full of Nuts. As a sidenote, what does that mean? Is my coffee brimming with nuts? I don't taste them.

  4. I bought my daughter the movie Annie. Although it’s probably been 15+ years since I have watched it, I remembered almost all the words to every song. I still hate Little Girls (the song not the little people) and love Dumb Dog( the song, not my dog). This is one of my favorites and I have sung Dumb Dog to my dog almost every day since we got her 7 years ago. Not that she’s dumb. I just can’t help but to sing that song.

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