I've been Smitten

Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Inside Voices...

The following is a clip of Dana Carvey's new HBO special. It describes how parenting has changed over the years. How we have come to rely on bargaining as a means to discipline our children. After watching this clip I have sat back and thought about how I negotiate with my daughter on a daily basis. My husband does the same thing. It's like we are scared of her.

Maybe it's because in this generation of fast paced parenting, we do not have time for tantrums. So we do everything in our power to avoid situations that might set off said toddler. Many of us feel that we are being judged by other parents. It still amazes me everytime a stranger gives me their two cents about parenting. I'm not saying that I care what other people think. We all do what's best for our families in each family's situation. I'm saying that the world has so much to say. There are so many politically correct rules that people think should be followed. You should see the looks I get when I jokingly tell my daughter "I'm gonna beat cha." She giggles. But from the looks you would think that I just pulled out a set of brass knuckles and started wailing on her in the middle of Target.

I think we should let parents be parents. Somehow the human race has survived this many years without the checkout lady at Acme letting us know that our kids are up too early.