I've been Smitten

Monday, June 2, 2008


I have a secret obsession. Spelling Bees. I loved to watch them on ESPN. I actually remember a particular Bee when my husband and I, before kids and maybe even before marriage, sat with legal pads and would try to out-spell the kids. I know it sounds dorky, but to redeem ourselves we were probably drinking beers while doing this.

I think it is amazing that grade school age kids know the origin of words or which syllable should be accented on words I couldn't even dream of spelling. The sheer amount of studying and discipline that goes along with the preparation for the Bee is astonishing. I still have a hard time spelling vacuum and tomorrow. (I spelled them both wrong by the way...thank goodness for spellcheck.)

Now the National Spelling Bee is on Primetime and on a major TV station. If I thought that I would have the time to watch it I would have taped it on my DVR. I alas know that there is no time for that. I caught up on You Tube. The following is a clip from this year's Spelling Bee that occured while I was watching Sex in the City at the movies( more to come on that subject later) Although this wasn't the winning word, this was the winning kid.

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