I've been Smitten

Monday, May 5, 2008

I Caught the Fever

As many of you know blogging is the newest way to share stories, information and other tidbits of life. So, I started my blog on Friday. I must say that I think of nothing else. I think about what funny happening occurred during the day that might be a source of entertainment to my readers(if there are any). I think about what I can write for upcoming events in my life and others around me. Then I think what am I nuts, like I need one more thing to think about during the day. And it hit me yesterday why I had started it. While sitting in the trunk of our car eating ice cream with my husband and daughter, it was too cold to eat it outside, I realized that I blog because I will have a chronicled timeline of my life. I will have a written history of the events that I felt were worthy enough to be permanently etched in to the world wide web. I love it. Also it's a great source of stress relief. So if you feel you need to tell your story...start a blog.

A special thanks to onemaidamilking for opening the blogging world to me.


Here Comes The Bride...and All My Baggage said...

"I caught the fever" too. What a great way to think about blogging. I never thought of it as a memory log until now. Thanks. Keep posting. Meg

One Maid A' Milking said...

You are so right about blogs as a form of record keeping! I wonder if anyone offers to bind a blog's year's worth of posting in book form so we can keep a hardcover as part of our family histories? Oh, and I love the slingshot picture.