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Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Husband Scorned

Okay so I emailed my girls a timeline of how my Tuesday played out last week. My husband feels as though he has been extremely misrepresented. I am clearing the record. If anyone read the e-mail or onemaidamilking's blog and got the impression that my darling hubby does not contribute to his fatherly duties, then I did misrepresent. He helps in everyway I let him and then some. I will say that I am a bit of a control freak and sometimes I do not know how to let other people assist. To prove my total lack of portrayal, here is a list of things he does that makes me love him more everyday.

1. He gives our daughter a bath (when she lets him) and bounces her all over the house like a bunny before and after. Even though he has to take my 600mg motrin afterward because his back hurts.

2. He never complains on the bath nights that require hair washing. And he always blowdries her hair. Not an easy task...she hates it.

3. He does the dishes every night. I never have to ask.

4. He struggles to win our daughter's attention. And never shows disappointment when she shoots him down for me. (totally a 2yr old phase, she'll hate me soon enough)

5. He loves to sit on the deck, start a fire, drink and listen to music. I can't wait until we can do that without saying "You drink tonight and I'll take care of the kids"

6. He makes the best chocolate chip pancakes.

7. He wants me to play golf so we can one day go to Myrtle together.

8. He tries very hard to balance fatherhood, being a husband, golfing and training for marathon's without slacking in any. And does a fabulous job.

9. He is the best father I could ask him to be.

10. He is the best husband I could ask him to be.

So I hope that you now have a better perspective of my husband. I would not trade him. Although I would barter him for someone who can tape and spackle our basement. It's not that he can't do the job, it's that he doesn't want to, it's tedious. And it's holding us up from moving all the toys out of our family room.

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