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Sunday, November 21, 2010

On Hub...

Not to downgrade Hub's race this weekend.  He ran an obstacle course on Sunday, called the Tough Mudder.  Rightfully so.  I had to literally dispose of the washcloth he use to clean his muddied body.  He walked the plank and jumped 15 foot into a lake of freezing water.  He ran up water soaked hills. He ran through fire...again. I say again because he ran this same race at a different location in May 2010.  But nothing say Tough Mudder like the final obstacle which was running through a bunch of yellow electrified cords. Yup...you heard me right ELECTRIFIED!
He says he will run again. CRAZY right!!

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Anonymous said...

This will probably be the last tough mudder before they get shut down they were 2 students that stole the whole concept from the UK Tough Guy, they even went to the other event and said they wanted to help with marketing and stole photos and put them on the Tough Mudder site they are now in a lawsuit and will probably get shut down shame the states needs something like this.