I've been Smitten

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I picked up a new Tuesday shift at work.  I lets me out at 1pm.  The kids are in school and nap at 12:45 so I figure I have about 2 hours to do with what I want.  Today I chose to go to the gym.  I worked my a** off on the Arc Trainer for 35 minutes. Continued with forearm planks, side planks with hip dips and worked on my triceps since my workout was disrupted last night due to a minor emergency with Chaz in the play room. 

And then I came home and ate...and ate...and ate.  A whole bag a cheddar Cheerios mix, 2 yep 2 diet root beers and about 2 whole handfuls of M&M's. Oh a 2 twizzlers.

What is wrong with me???!!!!!

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