I've been Smitten

Monday, May 17, 2010

my weekend...

Now that we own a shore home I love the beach, the salt air, the pizza, the crowds etc...etc.. more than ever. We have had nothing but great weekends since settlement in April. We now eat pizza with the sound of the ocean waves in the background.  We take bike rides on the boardwalk...every Saturday and Sunday. We make sandcastles, meet new doggies walking the beach, surf fish, and take tram car rides. We play board games and memory,dominos and card games. I love it and will miss it tremendously come June when we rent the place out for the summer. I will be counting the days until we can again be considered Shoobies...in September.  But for now I will enjoy my time in the sun and surf.
The most memorable moment of this weekend...
    A sunset cruise on our boat around Cape May with my one and only true love, celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary. Just the two of us...we fished, watched the eegrets dive for minnows, kamakazie style. We watched the sun set.  Literally.

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