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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sometimes wrong is right...

Lily received a camera from her grandparents for her birthday last month. It has been so fun admiring the scenes of our life she has deemed important enough to capture. We have close ups of the dog's nose, the guinea pig's cage, the big TV and also the little portable DVD player. I love seeing life through her eyes.
Having said that the best came tonight when she accidentally took a blurry shot of Happy (the guinea piggy). This is exactly what she said:

LF: Hey mom you need to deloop that one it's blurry.
Me: I need to what?
LF: Deloop it, deloop it, it's blurry.
Me: (laughs) Okay I'll deloop it.

Sometimes I just can not correct the grammar. I need to let her make the mistakes, giggle silently and enjoy the wonders of her childhood.

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