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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On Decorating...

First a note to myself to help with next years decorating:

Put the paper with the color chart of the different tree branches on top of the box.

Not fun to guess which color tag is next, amongst 50 prickly stems.

I never liked decorating much. This year was different though. The kids helped. I never thought I would be decorating my Christmas tree with my kids. LF was in charge of handing me the appropriate colored branches, and C-man, well he was in charge of tearing everything apart. Not by my command, I sure you understand. What do you think he did with the first Christmas ball he chose? If you guessed that he licked it and placed it ever so tenderly back in the spot from which it came...you guessed right. At one point LF shouted, "Chaz you are impossible!!!"

All LF talked about was a snow globe that I could not even remember she received. Upon it's discovery, the excitement in her eyes was incomparable.
We only had one fatality. A small snow globe ornament that I stupidly allowed C-man to play with while eating lunch.

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