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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Day in the Life...

8am: Fingerpainting with a 4 year old and an 18month old.
9am: Pop arrives with doughnuts. Chaz goes for a nap and I'm off to Walmart where I wait 20 minutes in the deli for the wrong cheese. (I didn't notice until I was making lunches for tomorrow)
10:15am: Arrive home, unpack, make PB&J's and gather snacks for an afternoon at the park.
10:45am: Meet friends at the park and fight the older kids for slide time.
1:15pm: After only two trips to the potty at the park, we arrive home with everyone still awake.
1:30pm: Fights over trucks, balls, games and puzzles start.
1:32pm: Happy nappy time for Chaz.
1:45pm: A second round of fingerpainting. This time it's just me and LF doing a Thanksgiving placemat project for school. We fingerpainted little bugs, butterflies, bees and rainbows until...
4:00pm: Hub arrived home with the 38 inch freshly caught striped bass.
5:00pm: Dinner...which turned into a game of tag around the island with me shoving a carrot in Chaz's mouth and a buttered noodle in LF's with every pass.
6:00pm: Office Max to laminate the placemat's.
6:15pm: Arrive at the gym for hardcore workout. Begin to tear up at the news cast about Fort Hood.
7:30pm: Back home and bathing kids.
8:00pm: Lounging on the couch, eating cheerios, reading Cinderella, watching Max & Ruby with my two most favorite people...Chaz and Lily.
8:05pm: Thankful for my life and family.

Highlight's of the day...
  • Chaz eating ABC gum from the bottom of the bathroom trash can.
  • Discovering LF can write the letters A-F without help.
  • When I asked LF to write the letters on a clean piece of paper she says this, "Oops, I accidentally drew a door instead of an A...Sorry about that mom."
  • Lily stating that she cried when she left Kyle today at the park. Me telling her that she didn't. Her response," Yeah I didn't today but maybe I will tomorrow."

God Bless the families of Fort Hood. Tragic. Scary. Reality check. God Bless Our Troops!

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