I've been Smitten

Saturday, August 8, 2009


While fast forwarding through commercials the other day, one happened to catch my eye. A picture of a brightly colored bottle of the newest Smirnoff product Lemoncello. I hit that rewind button faster than LF could say, "I want scooby doo!" "Wait, I said, just wait!!" With drool pouring out of my mouth I called Hub to ask if he could pop by the liquor store on the way home. Yes I realized that I was begging for alcohol on a Tuesday but I was in dire straights.The commercial looked so delicious that if not for the presence of my children I would have licked the TV.
And so when Hub came home, I skipped over to him with a ginormous smile and asked, "Didya get it, huh, huh, didya?" "No" he replied soberly, "they did not have it yet."
Sensing the urgency in my voice, I still do not know why he couldn't have checked another store. I will make him pay.

So to Melissa...if you find it call me. I will run out on the spot.

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