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Friday, July 24, 2009

Trying to Rekindle my blog...

Okay, I’m trying to revive my blog. I really am trying. We as a family are having a very fun summer camping down the shore. I am researching a more portable way to blog. So with out too much wordy talk, I am listing some things that I have been wanting to blog about:

1. Conversations with my daughter.
2. Can I arrange my daughter’s marriage when she is age 3 and is KB available?
3. Can I arrange my son’s marriage at age 15mos and is CB available?
4. Am I a baby bunny murderer?

#1 Upon being asked the famous question from Kindergarten Cop…Who is your daddy and what does he do? LF answered…My daddy is Mike and he golf’s whenever he wants. Hmmm…I wonder who she is mimicking?

#2 and #3 I recently spent some time with my good friends “The B’s” . This is the conversation that if I could go back and pull out the video camera I would have won a million dollars for cuteness.
LF: (after dressing in a royal purple Dora the Explorer mermaid outfit.)
How do I look KB?
KB: Good.
LF: Okay, dance with me then!
LF: Dance, KB, dance with me!!, How do I look?
KB: You look beautiful, okay? You look good!!
They are practically married already, right?

As far a C-man and CB go. They were soul mates from the get. CB has been completing every milestone possible just to prove that she can do it earlier than C-man. I swear she is competing with him. It’s as if the great Broadway song “Anything you can do I can do better!” is always playing in the background.

And now for the dreaded #4. When I was in middle school I knowingly and accidentally lead our hunting hound dog to a rabbit that was unable to find an escape route out of our snowy yard. Of course I thought she would, but she unfortunately did not. The bunny screams along with the bloody massacre that ensued in my back yard left me with some terrible nightmares for a long time. Also the never ending ridicule from family members that still goes on today.
Having said that. My being an accomplice to the murdering of innocent bunnies continues. The pond that I had to have on Mother’s Day swallowed three baby bunnies. I am terribly sorry to the bunny mama who is wondering what happened to her offspring.

On a lighter note...bunny mama is probably prego with the next brood. I hope she teaches them how to swim. (I hope there are no members of PETA reading this blog)


This Magic Moment said...

OMG....Poor maddie is going to be so upset if I tell her about C-man and this so-called arrangementtrombj!!!

This Magic Moment said...

OOps that stupid word verification got into my last comment ignore the "trombj" =0