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Monday, May 18, 2009

A Week Behind...

How it all went down…

First let me say this is my 400th post. Huh!!

On Jury Duty… I did my duty…twice. The courts should really be thanking my dad, grandmom and Karen for watching the kids while I served.

Tuesday, beautiful Tuesday…because I had already paid my sitter for Tuesday with C-man, I sent him even though I did not have to report for Jury Duty. A good thing too. LF and I had a little mother/daughter bonding. We food shopped early, played in the park with the Basu’s and joined Aunt Meg and Grandmom in Philly for lunch. El Fuego provided the freshest, fattest and finest burrito I have ever eaten. I actually could not finish it. We walked in the park and visited the symbol of our freedom, The Liberty Bell. A fantastic day.
One kink though, my pond broke. I came home to a pump running and no water spouting. Boo hoo. I fixed it on Thursday.

Friday was my 5th year wedding anniversary. We will get to celebrate eventually, I guess. My gift was a beautiful five stone wedding band. (I actually received the same exact one five years ago on our wedding day. Lost a stone approximately five weeks ago and had to get it fixed. So Happy Anniversary to me!) blah, blah, blah

Saturday- A girls night at the Williamstown Theatre. Little Shop of Horrors. My sister will blog the details far better than I ever could. Be sure check the Table Talk blog.

Carter’s came in with a last minute party invite for Sunday night. It was the first time LF left my side and played with the boys. I felt liberated. Oh yeah except for my little C-man/Frankenstein who clings to me like plastic wrap. I say Frankenstein because of the way he walks...like Frankenstein.

Moment of the week: All four of us riding in the car singing You Are My Sunshine along with Nat King Cole.

Book of the week: Toss up between Fancy Nancy and The Gum Chewing Rattler.

A Glimpse Ahead-- Our first camping trip.

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