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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Week Behind...

I hope you had a great week. This is how mine went down:

Monday’s fashion advise via Hub: The side ponytail. Hub noticed the all the cuties at the gym have them and suggested that is how I do LF’s hair. It actually was very cute and hip.

Monday’s gym class: A barbell weightlifting class set to club music called Group Power. Enough said.

Wednesday’s swim class: Over the weekend we spent family time in the pool at the gym. LF showed us how to use the noodles as floatation devices. Also how to properly swim using the kickboard. So, having totally utilized her swim lesson I was confident that she connected with Ms. Donna and would attend this week’s session. Wednesday’s Morning Glory was this “I don’t have to go to school today?” and “ I don’t want Ms Donna!” BLURG!!! She did not attend the class and I did not protest.

On baby sign language: When our Las Vegas niece was about one, her mom started teaching her sign language. We thought our sister in law was nuts. One day poking fun, I showed some signs to LF who was about 9 months old. She surprisingly picked it up immediatly and I was astonished. I recently began the same with 13 month old C-man. He is now shaking his hands when he is “all done“. Amazing!! Shout out to an amazing mom-- Holly!!

On TV: While reading a book this week with LF, a picture of a whirlpool with a sinking boat brought on some new mixed feelings. LF pointed to the picture and said “Look mom the Milky Way” Having known she learned about stars in school this week I asked, “Did Ms. Kathy teach you that?” “Nope, the Backyardigans did” she replied. “Oh!” said me.

On rain: Have we reached the goal yet? Are we over the amount that we need? And can it not rain now until after the summer is over?

On the weekend: Friday night we lit the fire pit for the first time. Saturday brought great friends and great food. Saturday night also brought some new moochers. A pair of ducks have taken a liking to my bird seed. They returned twice on Sunday.

On Mother’s Day: I hope you all had a terrific day. I did. Because of the Saturday night party, LF slept until 8am. Hub took C-man out to get breakfast and I lounged in bed. Hub set up my hand-me-down pond. I now have a fab water feature in our garden. A lovely, laid back day.

Book of the week: Fancy Nancy Sees Stars

Quote of the week, year and almost decade: Mazie get out of the kitchen!!!

Moment of my week: Watching my kids playing in the back yard, while the sun was setting and the sound of a bubbling fountain bounced in the background.

CHALLENGE: Make a saying for C-man’s room using the following letters:

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