I've been Smitten

Friday, April 10, 2009

It happened...

It happened and I totally forgot to blog about it. Every mother's public nightmare. And every mother's first experience to teach invaluable public lesson on manners.
On the last nice day, I finally gave into LF's pleads for ice cream. As we sat enjoying our frozen treats a woman walked up to the window. Let me paint the picture.

A beautiful sunny day.
Temperature about 67 degrees.
A slight, but enjoyable breeze.
No jackets required.

A lady with black, long, straight hair whizzes past us sitting on the picnic bench eating our ice cream. She is wearing the most terrible pleather trench coat. Peeking out from the bottom of the coat is a flowy black skirt, black tights and black pointy high heels. Can anyone guess what LF might have said at first glimpse?

She said this exactly..."Where is that witch's broom mommy?"

I could not hold in my snicker. I still do not know whether or not the woman heard LF. And in LF's defense the woman truly did look like a witch from the back. Actually I could not bring myself to look her in the eye as she turned around, so she might have had a green face and a big wart on her nose I will never know.

I can not remember what I said to LF to correct her misjudgement. Probably something clever, off the cuff...right? But I do ask this, what is the cut off date for black pleather trench coats and black tights?


Meg (MU) said...

You should tell LF that she might have been a vegan if not a witch. And I am pretty sure you needed to stop wearing it lets just say in the 1970's.....

This Magic Moment said...

I Love it!!!!! So So SO SO stinkin' funny. :)