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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Workin of my fitness...

So we joined a fab gym. The new Kennedy Health Trax in Washington Township. They are very family oriented. A dress code and everything. Which means no hard rock abs making me feel fat. I guess you could take that either way. I do not want to see the young 20 year old girls showing off their 6 pack and beautiful legs. I would however not mind seeing the younger gentlemen of the club flexing some bare muscles.
Anyway I got off the subject, they have family swim time and a great daycare.

I took a gluts and abs class on Monday and a cardio dance class on Tuesday. I am hurting today boy. I was actually nervous that my legs would give out walking up my steps holding the baby on Tuesday night. Good pains though...goooood pains.

No pain, no gain!!

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