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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My little man...

Today my guy turns one. How fast time flies. Is it different having a boy versus a girl? You betcha!!

  • The last uninterrupted sleep I had was in the hospital with three wonderful nights of sleep aids. My daughter has been sleeping through the night since month one.

  • I remember coddling LF, answering to her every whimper. Having a little boy has taught me to be a little stronger. I certainly do not jump at every little cry.

  • Boy's are very lovey. When I pick C-man up from his crib he hugs me so tight and puts his head down on my shoulder. LF never, ever did that...still doesn't

  • Oh and today he started climbing up onto the coffee table. And also hoisting himself over the ledge in my kitchen. (See pic above) Also he heads for the steps every chance he gets.

I love watching how C-man is growing so differently than his big sister. He definitely keeps me on my toes!

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Meg (MU) said...

I love this pictures...can you send me some pictures of the kids...i have none via email.