I've been Smitten

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On Politics...

I do not claim to know much. And, although I did not vote for President Obama, I do think he has many great qualities and views. Having said that the following is a list of things I will now do after watching his first public news conference:

  1. I am digging a bomb shelter in my backyard.
  2. Every time I see a member of the media, I will spit on the ground in disgust.
  3. I am going to start stashing my cash and pretending to have absolutely nothing.
  4. I am NOT going to pay my mortgage.
  5. I will hope that the terrorist's think they have succeeded in bringing America's economy down and take pity on us.
  6. When my brother leaves for Afghanistan with the President's troop surge...I will cry my eyes out.

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