I've been Smitten

Friday, January 23, 2009

That which does not kill me, will only make me...smarter

  1. My boss has no clue what an awesome, dedicated staff she employs. It almost frustrating.
  2. When denying LF's obsession with Nikki's song, be very prepared for the battle that will ensue. (No offense to Nikki, three times in a twenty minute car ride is a little too much Jimmy Soul for me.)
  3. This I did not learn this week, but I am hoping someone can help me. Does anyone know where I can find matches in any retail store at any given time? I have been looking. I have been asking. No one seems to know. I almost scored today at Wal-mart but alas, as the cashier searched for the elusive barcode, she informed me that boxes of matches are sold in sets of two. And then in a most nonchalant way asked if I unwrapped the duo of match boxes. BLURG!
  4. At our last play date, I think One Maid A Milking's son rubbed some of his everlasting eating habits onto my son. He has consumed more food this week than LF has eaten in her entire life.


Anonymous said...

Matches can normally be found at the front in the check out lanes... or maybe back in the camping supplies... or maybe with the picnic supplies...

nikki said...

how big of a box of matches are you looking for? i think the strike anywhere matches are in the funky automotive/cleaning supply aisle in shoprite. Or they could be in that aisle with the religious candles....

And I apologize about Jimmy Soul - although Lily is following in pretty awesome footsteps if she likes that song as much as I do! I will try to find a more tolerable song for you both to enjoy!