I've been Smitten

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My son, my son...

How in the world did I ever think LF was bad? In C-man's short, little life. Really, just the last 2 months since he has been mobile, he has outdone her by miles.

So does any know how to put back together the LCD screen on a HP picture printer?
Oh yeah, and how do you snap back on the number 2 and the space bar on a HP laptop? Yep, that's right I'm typing using a little, itty, bitty push button as my space bar. It is totally throwing off my typing rhythm.
And last but not least. Can anyone out there please give me some advice on how to remove a whole bottle of EVOO (in case you don't watch Rachel Ray Extra Virgin Olive Oil) from a tiled kitchen floor? Does it ever dry? Will I be sliding all over the floor for the next 30 years? Will my grout be permanently stained?

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