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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A true South Jerseyian...

Hub did not think anyone would get it, but alas Nikki came through...The Berlin Mart. You others should be ashamed if you did not know. And if you have never been, please go, if only to people watch. I literally walked around with a pen and paper and took notes. There was so much more to write, I kept it to the minimum so as to not scare you away.

I just went on the website. It's actually very inviting. It boasts of free discounts and gifts to everyone arriving on a Bus Tour.

Also, you should bring your kids. Everyone else does. The arcade is like a free babysitting service.

I assure you that you will never forget how it smells. It's not good or bad. It's just unique.

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nikki said...

ahhh, the berlin mart. I can actually imagine the smell right now. It's a mix between stale funnel cake, bubble gum, and wet dirt. You are right: not good, not bad, just unique!