I've been Smitten

Friday, December 19, 2008

Morning Glory...

  • 6:30... I have poison ivy again.
  • 6:31... You are an idiot. I am calling the doctor today about the Poison Ivy shot.
  • 6:35...when we get home we have to vacuum the guest room and what do we do with all the presents in there? ( My in laws are flying in today from Florida)
  • 6:45... How much coffee do you make?
  • 6:46...I no go to school today?
  • 7:00...I love my little snow globe. And if I break it Daddy can just go buy a new one,right? (A little history...LF received a snow globe last week (shout out to Kim) and she carried it everywhere, well it broke, there was a meltdown and Hub stopped on the way home from work to purchase another. This one is on the Christmas tree. She goes to it and gazes at it and caresses it like it was a new diamond ring. If only she knew.)
  • 7:02...Thirty Five dollars to put C-man in daycare yesterday?!?
  • 7:03...That's what it costs. And I certainly was not home giving myself a mani/pedi. I cleaned three bathrooms. Went to 5 different stores Christmas shopping. Packaged the gabillion chocolate covered pretzels. and found a little time to have some painting one-on-one with our daughter. That's what it costs!!!
  • 7:10...(After the house is locked up and alarm set.) Mom, you forgot my milk.
  • 7:10:20...BBLLLUUUURRRGGG!!!
  • 7:12...What did you forget?
  • 7:16...I love you. I love you too. See ya later. (Kissing sounds)

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Meg (MU) said...

This is all a funny morning, but seriously doesn't posion ivy die in the winter? Mike holds the record for poison ivy outbreaks....