I've been Smitten

Monday, December 15, 2008

Morning Glory...

5:55 am : (faint cries from the Master Bedroom) I don't want to go to work. I feel like I just laid my weary head down.

6:45 am I no go to school today?!? (This is actually said every morning, LF thinks she wins on Tuesday's and Thursday's when I'm off of work)

7:00 am: Man, I forgot to take the rest of the pretzels out of the freezer. (I spent 7 hours in the kitchen making stupid chocolate covered pretzels yesterday.) Although it was a tasty chocolaty treat this morning.

7:13 am: Me: Aww, man, there is a mess in the car. LF: What is it mommy? Me: About a gabillion fishes that dropped on the floor this weekend. LF: Can I eat them now? Me: No, they are yucky. LF: After lunch, I can eat them? Me: We'll see

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