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Friday, December 12, 2008

Morning Glory...

After reading my clever sister's new blog Table Talk, I like the idea of what was said this morning. So here's some things said in my home this morning...

2:30am... Mommy, I have to go potty.

3:00am... (After I just fell back to sleep.) Mommy, I want you to sleep in my bed. I have to go potty.

6:45am...Sigh...Daddy is sooo silly.

6:55am... Daddy, I need a box. I need a little red box.

6:58am... Me :I heard you ask me last night, where the pasta salad came from. I got it at Meloni's on Tuesday. Hub: If you heard me ask last night, why are you just answering now. Me: Delayed reaction

7:00am...(hub is carrying C-man crying, still strapped into the carseat back into the house.) There is something wrong with this f***ing carseat

7:10am... There is something itchy on my socks. I think daddy did it.

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