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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Haircut...or lack there of...

I don't know if it is my longer locks. I don't know if it is my sweeping bangs. I do know this. People think I am in my 20's again. Wooo hoooo!!!! I recently attended my father-in-law's retirement dinner in Florida. And beyond all the compliments that I heard of him, one was forwarded my way. A friend of Hub's step mom asked her if I was the babysitter to Mike's children. I blushed at the fact that #1: She thought that I was 21 and #2 she thought my outfit from Target looked stunning enough to belong to someone who can afford an Au Pair and not only that but travel with one.
Another compliment came from a patient today. He was my high school guidance counselor. He recognized me on the spot and asked how long I have been in the business. When I told him 10 years he was surprised and told me that I have not changed a bit since high school. And I don't even wear my good face makeup to work. Yippeee!!

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Anonymous said...

IMNSHO, long hair is sexier... but if you put it up... I know that doens't make much sense, what's the point of having long hair if I want it up? well... i don't claim to make sense. Just saying.