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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Day Off...

Because we have live in babysitters this weekend, Hub decided that we needed a day together. Where does he take me you ask? I almost don't want to tell you...actually I won't. Those who live here or have ever lived here should be able to guess from my list.

The only place:

  • At 10:30am, alcohol smells from the passersby.
  • A women chewing tobacco, that would put any pro baseball player to shame.
  • We went there in search of camouflage (another post, another time), could not find camouflage, but everyone was wearing camouflage.
  • The bathroom attendant was sitting in the corner, smoking a long cigarette, not tending to the bathroom.
  • The only vendor truly making money was the one selling XXXX DVD's outside in 29 degree weather.
  • The bar inside boasted of a delicious clams and beer. The catch...it only serves O'Doul's.
  • A last but certainly not least. This will probably give it away too. The only vendors that had lines sold soft serve ice cream and soft pretzels. Oh and all the kids were in the Arcade.

If you do not know as to which fine establishment I am speaking, you can not truly say you are from South Jersey.


Meg (MU) said...

I am glad you guys got to spend some time together...but 1) why do you need camouflage? 2) I have no idea where you went....

1) AC? (but I don't think so.)
2) Balloons?

Amanda said...

Balloons is a great guess. Except they serve real alcohol. But unfortunatly Hub and I would never be able to party late enough for Balloons.

Think about where you can buy Soft Serve ice cream, soft pretzels and bullets all in the same place.

nikki said...

Is it the Berlin "mall" aka Berlin Auction aka Berlin Mart?? Either that or Cowtown!!!!

Meg (MU) said...

WOW!!! How did you know that? Crazy....