I've been Smitten

Monday, November 17, 2008

Old friends...

We are not old. Just old friends. Our friendship of three began just over eleven years ago at orientation for x-ray school. This is the first we saw each other in two years. Too, too long! On Saturday night as Melissa's (middle) hub's band played fabulous music at PJ's, we were 21 again. We danced in front and Trish played the tambourine just like old times. These two girls were the means to all of the fun times in my twenty's.

We reminisced as best we could over the music. Talked about our shore adventures. We recalled some great saves from some bad boys. We reminisced about Fat Tuesday. Although I can not divulge details, for fear that our mothers would drop dead upon reading, I assure you we partied hard.

We did grow up, but we certainly did not lose our knack for having fun. It felt as not a day past since dancing at Maui on Delaware Ave. (on top of the dueling pianos...hee, hee)
Shout out to Dom Pablo and the Flying Burrito's for providing our entertainment.


Meg (MU) said...

You guys were (and are) fun. I miss those ladies...glad to hear all is good.

This Magic Moment said...

Ha..I just caught myself laughing out loud as I read this. I had a fabulous time!! Did you know I have a picture of you with the dueling pianos? I will have to dig it up!! Good times!!