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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flu shots...

I don't know much about autism and mercury and flu shots. I do know this. The doctors do have the flu shots without the preservative containing mercury, but you have to ask. So about 5 weeks ago I took my baby for a 6 month check up. The doctor recommended a flu shot for him because I work in health care, his sister is in daycare and he is in a home with other children 3 days per week.
Okay so, 6 months is the earliest that babies can get the flu shot. I agreed to the shot. I did not know or think of asking for the preservative free.
The first timers have to get another "booster shot" in four weeks. Flash forward 5 weeks, C-man is getting his 4 week booster and LF is getting her first ever. This time I remember to ask. The nurse says "Charlie had the one with mercury last time. Do you still want him to get that one?" I respond with a "NOOO. That's why I asked."
I am infuriated for the following reason. You would think, if they have both, they would give younger babies the mercury free. And give the older kids, teenagers and the like, the shot with mercury. Right? Thoughts please.

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