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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Furniture...

Okay, now that my basement is brand spankin' new, we of course needed new furniture. After saying how much we love the wide open space down there we really wanted to dress it up. The other day I pulled into a furniture store that boasted a "Going out of business" sale. I found the perfect couch. A sectional, not too small, not too big. Easy to clean....half leather, meaning easy to wipe clean. So I took hub over to show him at 6:30 tonight. He agreed...perfect size.

After a quick phone call to a trusty friend, he and Hub delivered the furniture to our doorstep by 8:15pm tonight. Two hours later with many scatches and nicks in the freshly drywalled, painted and touch-up painted walls. After the removal of the door jambs, basement door and pantry door. After minor scratches to the leather on the perfectly sized, smaller sectional couch. It's down there. It's not coming out either. The house will be sold with the basement furniture.

It was back breaking work and the boys deserved every last drop of their reward...beer.

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