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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My weekend...

I know that it is in fact Wednesday. I had a very busy weekend, obviously. I'm actually still recovering.

After a day of soaking and cocktails in my parents pool on Saturday, my hub somehow tricked me into having a Labor Day bash on Sunday. It began with 150 colored balls in the back yard and ended with an eating contest at 1:30am.

What was supposed to be a day of recovery on Monday turned out to be a morning at IKEA. I went to purchase one of those holders for plastic bags. I'm sure that they are available elsewhere but when I want something, as trivial as it may seem, I want it now. Actually we had a rather pleasant shopping trip. The baby slept, for the most part. When he wasn't sleeping he was flirting with the ladies that stopped to oogle over him. He even received a blessing from a nun. And LF got her three potty breaks out in the first 30 minutes. They have very nice family bathrooms, by the way. Nifty little step stools for the little ones.

So as we made our way through the maze of bedrooms and kitchens, gadgets and picture frames we arrived at the checkout area without ascertaining the desired bag holder.

No worries, I told my mom to stay with the kids and I would run back up and grab them. Easy enough, right? LF insisted on coming with me. BLURG!! As I dash through the aisles, dodging carts and people, carrying LF, I spot the coveted item and sprint back. Only there are no shortcuts, just signs and arrows pointing to the next space of decor. Finally, I reach my finish line, elated for finding the holders, out of breath and sweating from racing around the store. I hand my mom her gadget and realize one is broken. BLURG!! Blast you IKEA!! I look at my mom and she allows me to have the one that is intact. That's just what mom's do.

Anyway, we went home with our goodies. Mine were all for LF and C-man. We again soaked in the pool at my parents house and waited for hub to finish his golf match.

He met us and we all took a much needed night together, just the four of us.

What a great weekend!!
Back to blogging, right?

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