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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Full Moon...

I made it through Monday-the full moon- with no problem. Today began with a rather dashing gentleman who was a fabulous patient. And then...my second patient arrived with her 2 year old and mother. Her daughter has the waiting room littered with lego's and lollipop wrappers. She is also running all over and screaming. The grandmother is just sitting in ignorance on the couch.

Here comes the peculiar regularity of a full moon week. When I asked my patient to remove her watch, she admitted that she can not wear one because her energy level is so high that it wears the battery out in 2 weeks. Huh!

I really did not know that someone's energy level could affect time. And if she has that much energy, maybe should could transmit some to her mother. Someone needs to discipline that child/little crazy person out in the waiting room.
I hope this is not a preemptive occurrence for how my day is going to unravel.

Damn you full moon.

On a side note...if you have a babysitter, mother, sister what have you, why don't you come to your radiology appointment by yourself. The sitter is just hanging out in the waiting room anyway with nothing to entertain the little monster you have tagging along.

I just heard the whole lego box dumped. Ahhhh!!!

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