I've been Smitten

Monday, August 11, 2008

We Have Lift Off...

He is perched conviently on a box at the top of the garage. Fun, fun fun!!!

Since you all are so intrigued by our newest members, here's an update.

They are fledgling's now. Which means they have learned to spread their wings and fly.

They took over the garage. I am afraid to feed them now. So no more babysitting for me.
My hub has now informed me that they will probably be around forever. Because they know the food in abundant here. He is going to teach them how to look for food...not from a set of tweezers. Not sure how one does this but that's what will be happening shortly.

We are going to buy a birdhouse, and place it in our yard.

I'm wondering when they are going to get jobs and start paying room and board.


Meg (MU) said...

Now I am amazed....

niconel said...

NEAT!! Are you feeding them worms? Or just bird seed? What happens when you open the garage, do you think they will be like Christian the Lion, who was raised by 2 Australian men, and released back into the wild a year later. When the 2 men went to Africa to try and find Christian,who was now the king of his own pride, they were told he was too wild now and would not recognize them. As the 2 men approached the pride they saw Christian, he approached the men with caution, and soon began running after them. The men just stood there, and Christian leaped into the man's arms and starting kissing and huging the 2 men. He remembered them. Is that what is going to happen with the birds?

Anonymous said...

Why do I want to start singing "Blackbird"?