I've been Smitten

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Release...

On Saturday morning we let the birds fly out into the real world. It was actually very exciting. We fed them one last fabulous feast of canned dog food. Which they have come accustomed to eating warm. Meaning the little fledglings will not eat it straight from the fridge, we heat it in the microwave. Crazy right? They flew to the trees in my neighbor's yard. (We keep killing the trees that we plant, so we have no good bird house trees in our yard.) And all day they would come back when they became hungry. My husband was in the front of the house and the bird actually swooped and almost landed on his head.

Sunday was the same. They would come to my deck whenever the door would open. And we of course prepared the meal.

Sadly, Monday came and went with no visitors.
Hub feels used and betrayed. I think he has a touch of empty nest syndrome.


nikki said...

I am very sad. I know I initially made fun of Mike for being a freaky bird caretaker, but I have come to love these birds! I will miss them. Even though I never met them.

Meg (MU) said...

I think they will come home. Maybe today!!!

niconel said...

I am so sad. I will miss the birds. Can you please keep us updated, I am telling you they will be like Christian the Lion, I just know it.