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Thursday, August 21, 2008


So the other day, LF and I decided to make brownies. Not just any brownies though, the Jessica Seinfeld brownies. To those who are not familiar she is Jerry Seinfeld's wife. She created a book called Deceptively Delicious. The book contains recipes to trick your family into eating vegetables. That is...hiding them within other yummy dishes. Great concept right?

My mom purchased the book for me in hopes that I would convert our chicken finger lovin' daughter into a veggie lovin' daughter. I have made various things from this book. You have to puree vegetables and secretly add them. I've made sweet potato grilled cheese. I've added squash to macaroni and cheese. I even made beet pancakes. I really was on a kick for a while. Hub would come home and ask if dinner was spiked again.

The grilled cheese was good. You definitely can not tell that the squash was in the mac & cheese. The beet pancakes...well, if I could have gotten them to cook I think they would have been good. Something in the recipe prevented them from forming in the middle. Weird!

So, on to the desserts. I made doughnuts with pumpkin and sweet potato. They were about a 3 on a scale of 10. And now the brownies coprised of pureed carrots and spinach. Oprah described these little treats as the best brownies she has ever tasted. If the last brownie that you consumed tasted like cardboard, these are definitely a step up. They taste like chocolate cardboard. Not great.

Okay so in review. Jessica has something here, nutritious meals, extra vegetables, yummy dishes. I will still trick my family with squash infused mac & cheese. I will make the chili again. Very tasty. I will dip my chicken fingers in pureed broccoli before I fry. Actually every meal I've made has been delicious. If you are looking to change the way your family eats this is a great way. But stay clear of the desserts. Not worth the time it takes to puree the veggies.

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