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Monday, August 18, 2008


Does anyone else think this is gross?

This is something that has baffled me for awhile now. I have been thinking about it more and more as the summer continues. A patient comes in for a test, this is the conversation:
Tech: You need to remove your slacks and put on these scrub pants.

Patient: Do I have to take off my shoes and socks?

T: Well, you have to take off your shoes to get off your slacks and then you can put them back on. You do not need to remove your socks.

P: Okay but I'll do it anyway. I don't want anything to mess up the scan.

T: Do whatever you want. You do not need to remove your shoes and socks.

P: How about my underwear?

Now this is where I want to slap the patient and say that unless they having a rectal exam or a baby they can keep wearing their underwear.

Almost always, the patient comes down with barefeet. Ewww!! And not only that, but they ask to use the restroom. EWWWW!!

The only place I use a restroom with barefeet is my house.

My office is very tastefully decorated. It does not look like the average medical facility. But people have to realize that it is a germ-fest, right?

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Meg (MU) said...

Gross!!! I never walk anywhere without socks or shoes.... people are gross.