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Monday, August 4, 2008

Bad Parenting???

Okay, so now you all must know that my little flower contracted the highly contagious Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. I kind of feel dirty. Like I did not do my job to protect her. Here's where Karma plays it's role though. This is a conversation and thoughts that occurred last weekend at a birthday party. Shout out to LF's Godfather.

GF: (to his wife, about his daughter)Who cares if she spills the juice down her shirt, it's contaminated with germs from the other kids and her outfit will be changed as soon as we hit the front door of home.

me: You're crazy. You can't protect her from every germy kid. She's gonna get sick anyway. Leave her alone.

GF: Whatever, he attire will be changed.

Fast forward to Tuesday...
LF wakes up with a 101.5 fever. I give her Tylenol. She feels better on Wednesday. We send her to school.

Strike One: LF's teacher says that kids have to be fever free for at least 24 hrs. She'll have to call us if the fever returns. LF should not be here, but is acting fine, so okay. I feel bad but leave her anyway.

Strike Two: LF's teacher calls at noon with the 102 degree fever report.

Strike Three: Fever is 102.9 at the pediatrician's office. The doctor yells at my husband for sending her to school. Husband blames me.

I spend all day Thursday disinfecting every toy in the house. Bleach baths for everything. From the plastic fruit to the Leggo's.

The moral: Don't knock other parents for trying to keep their kids parasite free.

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Megan said...

Did you ever watch the episode of Real Housewives of NY, when the Dutchess says her kids have lice? I just feel like hand-foot-mouth disease is kind of the same thing..nobody wants the world to know their kid got hand-foot-mouth disease. Anyway, if the Dutchess can announce to the world that her kids have lice you are in the clear......ha.

And honestly, I think people confuse hand-foot-mouth disease WITH the cattle foot-mouth disease....check out Wikipedia.

And for the record I am not telling anyone that my god-daughter (who would never touch anything dirty-no joke) has hand-foot-mouth disease....ha.