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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Double Stroller...

I finally broke down and purchased the trademark of a mother of two...A Double Stroller. It's not really a double stroller, it's a tandem stroller which means that my two year old will be able to sit or stand behind the baby.

I did my research. I read review after review. I had 75$ in gift cards to Toys R Us that I was going to use. I also had just received a 10% off coupon for opening a credit card when we purchased the swingset. As I skimmed through the section with the promotional codes, I realized that I had to use the credit card. Well we cut it up as soon as we opened the envelope. I would have just used my bill for the account number but you need the 3 digit security number on the back of the card. So I called to have another card mailed and wait to actually purchase the stroller. Finally 7 business days later the card arrives. But, it's in my husband's name and he has to activate it. Along with accept or deny any additional personalization of the card. BLLUURRGG!!! I just want my 10% discount. So I interrupt him in the garage for him to talk to the "verification analyst" from India. After about a 10 minute process I'm in the clear and now just have to type in the card number and promotional code. Except...it will not accept the code. And after multiple tries thinking I was typing in wrong numbers, I learn that the 10% can not be used for Internet purchases. UUUGGGG!!!!

I ordered the stroller anyway. I better like it when it comes. Karma seemed to be interfering a little too much for my liking.

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Real Women and Men of Genius said...

Wow...not fun. I hope you like the stroller too.