I've been Smitten

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I'm am newly possessed by the reality TV show Flipping Out. It might be that there is nothing on Prime Time TV this summer. My DVR is filled to the brim with Dora the Explorer, Upside Down Show, Diego, and my shows, Flipping Out, My Life on the D List and Tori and Dean. I'm so bored with TV that I'm actually mad after I watch these shows because I have to wait another whole week for the next episode.

So if you are bored with regular TV too, Flipping Out is sure to cure. I am an anal person. About some things. I am a little messy...i.e. leaving my brassieres all over the house. Oh and I also leave my shoes, flipflops what have you, all over. Jeff Lewis is A-N-A-L. Just listen to how he orders a drink. You will have to watch the show after this.

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