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Sunday, June 15, 2008

With All Due Respect...

So now that the big day is over and the elation has past, I have been thinking of the little moments of the day. There was so many. The first time I saw my sister with her little net veil... I was stunned. The way my brother-in-law looked at my sister for the very first time...priceless and I'll never forget his face. The way my husband held our daughter and danced to Sitting On The Dock of the Bay, just them on the dance floor. Also, I'll never forget the sly way that the photographer told us all that we were fat. Yep you heard it. Even the bride. This is how it went.

The Bride(under her breath and to her bridesmaids that were immediately next to her): Can you see my armpit fat?

The Bridesmaids: Are you crazy, you look fab.

The Photographer: All bride's worry about that and then he proceeded to point it out on everyone. He actually took his pointy finger and said look at her, now look at her, you see what I'm talking about.


And because I think we were all in some sort of time warped shock that he was not only insulting the entire girl side of the wedding party, but also the bride, we all just giggled like little school girls.

He must have known that at that moment we weren't going to fight back. That in our beautiful dresses we would keep our comments down because we are classy ladies. If that little man would have caught us all with our jeans on, it would have been a different story. Coward.

We are all exquisite women and I'm am forgetting from this moment forward that I was told on my sister's wedding day that I had armpit fat.

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nikki said...

How could I almost forget that?! He actually pointed out someone's "double roll"! What a little jerk. We were all very hot.