I've been Smitten

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Wedding Day

Today is My Baby Sister's Wedding Day

After much planning and stress the Wedding Day has finally arrived. A little history, Megan and Pat's first date was my wedding four years ago. I remember the day as being very hot. The girls and I were walking out of the hairdresser's and my sister asked, "Can I bring a date?" At this point in the day I did not care. So sure bring a date, we'll sit him next to daddy he'll keep the conversation going at the table. And then later in the night, during a slow dance, I was standing dateless at the edge of the dance floor. This new guy in my baby sisters life asked me "the bride" to dance. I thought wow, okay sure, that takes guts. I don't remember what was said during that dance or even what song was playing but I knew then that this man would be sticking around. And here we are, four short years have past. A beautiful wedding is planned.

To my sister: All the wedding planning stress is behind you. Enjoy your day. This will be one of your most favorite days of all your life. This is the last day that your niece will be able to ask you if you are a princess and you will be able to honestly answer yes,yes I am a Princess.

Take her advice BE THE PRINCESS!!

May you always be happy in love.