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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Progress Report

So my little flower brought her progress report home today from school. The measuring up begins. She received a "-" in six categories, which means needs practice. Three of which I proved she could accomplish the minute I opened the page. Hmmm.

Now I know that they can't give a perfect score, even if the child is a genius. Wink. Wink. But they gave her a "needs practice" on recognizing her name. I have been writing her name for her since she was old enough to sit up and play with crayons. In fact when I was at Weight Watchers 2 weeks ago, I wrote her name on a name tag and asked her what it said she replied "YeeeYeee." The proof was in the sharpie marker.

I want that "+" symbol. That means "almost always". The other two skills she lacks in are jumps in place with two feet and walks on tiptoe. I have been letting her jump off the concrete parking barriers for forever, I know she can jump. And although I have never asked her to walk on her tippie toes, tonight when I did, she pirouetted like a ballerina. Oh, the other one was that she "needs practice" recognizing the numbers 1-5. Okay I've been a little lax with the numbers. But she can recognize probably 18-20 letters of the alphabet. The letters were not even on the list.

I don't know where I'm going with this and my husband when he reads this, I know is going to roll his eyes but I am offended. My little girl is a genius, I just know it. Even if she "needs practice" clipping clothespins on a can.

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