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Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm That Mom...

I went to a store today to get a special Father’s Day present for my husband. The store will remain anonymous since it is a surprise. We arrive and my angel baby turns into the devil. My two year old is cooperating until she has to go potty (here we go again, right). I take her to the restroom (it was better than the park’s facility I must admit) and that also gives me a chance to calm the baby. I finally get the baby to sleep and we continue our gift purchasing. I promise my daughter a treat if she is good. She picks chocolate chip cookies and during a weak moment I allow it, with a smile no less.

In the store we run into my daughter’s old babysitter, her daughter-in-law, and grandson. While paying for our gift choice my daughter starts screaming “I want my Betsy”, “I want my Betsy” i.e. her babysitter. And as I notice that she now has chocolate chip cookies all over her WHITE shirt, I became that mom. You all know who I’m talkin‘ about. The one with the screaming kid and you’re thinking why doesn’t she just leave. Her kid is screaming. It’s lunch time, the poor kid is probably hungry and that mom is torturing her by shopping. I felt eyes boring into the back of my head as I walked out of the store. I actually think I heard applause.

On the way home I stop at McDonald’s to get a happy meal for my daughter. Maybe that will brighten her mood. Nope, duh they have a playground. Another round of screaming commences. "I want swingset!!"

I finally pull into my development with a sleeping toddler in the back seat. Nooooo!!! Immediately I scream, “Wake Up, Wake Up we are almost home, please wake up!” I pull up to my house and unhook the baby seat. As I run around the other side of the car my shoe falls off, I unstrap my tot and place her disoriented on the driveway. She practically sleepwalks to the house. And as you all know, she has OCD so in her sleepy voice she began a nonstop chorus of “Mommy, your shoe.” During lunch, “mommy, your shoe, your shoe”. And when we went for nappy time, “mommy your shoe.”

The moral of this blog is: I’m so proud of myself. Why, because I did not eat one chocolate chip cookie or one french fry today. Bikini season here I come!!

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