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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Classroom Etiquette

Yesterday my daughter was to dress like a pirate for school. On Tuesday after a long day of shopping at the mall, that included 5 trips to the ladies room. One of which included a little old lady watching her pizza while we went. I came home tidied the house, cleaned the carseat because my son had a BLOWOUT in Macy's, and started a load of laundry. Then I realized that I have nothing in my house the would properly represent a pirate. She has a dress up case with Dora mermaid stuff, but no pirate garb. We needed to prep.
It was a very hectic day and the last thing I felt like doing being a fashion designer. So off to the party store we went. I purchased tattoos, a treasure chest and an eyepatch. The only things she would wear. I picked up McDonald's on the way home because we didn't have time to cook dinner.
The morning of school I woke early to tattoo her, place her eyepatch and put on one of the skirts from the mermaid chest. It kind of looked piratey. When I dropped her at school the two kids already there were not sporting any pirate duds. And when I picked her up, I scanned the play yard in search of anything looking remotely like a buccaneer. NOTHING! Not even a fake sword or hooked hand. I was very disappointed in the parents. I do not know what to do next time there is a theme day. Do I run around like a crazy person trying to outfit the event or do I do as everyone else. Nothing!

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