I've been Smitten

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


First off what's with the weather. It's raining sideways and now it's thundering. I hate it. I have a sore throat and I'm wearing sweatpants on May 20th. BLURG!! Anyway none of you know this and my husband has probably been thinking oh that's how she does it, but I blog with one hand. I am usually holding the baby when I'm blogging. It's very time consuming. So that's why I'm just writing this today.

It was confirmed yesterday that indeed my poor 7 week old son has laryngomalacia aka floppy epiglottis. Perfectly okay but takes a year or more to resolve. And he is very noisy when he is upset. They stuck a camera down his tiny throat. So sad. He manned up though. No crying. Just some choking.
My little hero.

It's a little weird in my house right now. I have two guys working in my basement. It's weird because I'm not used to people other than my husband or father hammering. And I wanted to sleep. But I guess I can't complain. My husband could be doing it when he gets home from work or on the weekends. Meaning I get absolutely no break from potty training or crying. It's so worth the missed nap. Now if the hammering wakes my 2 year old from her slumber I might have to pop open the can of whoop ass.

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