I've been Smitten

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Things I Learned This Week...

1. If certain numbers keep lingering in the black hole of disappointment, listen to the the little voice inside your head and change the course.

2. If certain numbers prove their worth, go with it and great rewards will follow.

3. Scrubbing Bubbles brand name is my new best friend. First of all the automatic shower cleaner allows for at least an extra week between cleanings. Secondly, the new scrubbing pads allow for some great "in the shower" cleaning.

4. My DVR: If I didn't need, need, need it for all of the Dora, Diego and Upside Down Show, recordings, I could take the stupid thing and exchange it for one that doesn't hesitate between button pushes. I love it for so many reasons... I hate it one HUGE one.

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