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Friday, May 23, 2008

So Tired, Need Sleep

So I didn't even talk to my husband at all last night. I'm not exaggerating. My in-laws are coming in to town tomorrow. I wanted to clean the bathroom and get their room ready. My husband had to cut the grass. He literally walked through the door and I said "Hi, I'm going upstairs to clean."

The baby had been cranky all day and now was finally sleeping so I took the opportunity. My husband began to heat leftovers for dinner and make something for our daughter to eat. I go upstairs to make somewhat of an effort cleaning.

I come down sweaty but it's done and I even had a chance to clean our bathroom and dust the upstairs. I left the vacuum upstairs because it's probably been 3 weeks since my upstairs has been vacuumed. So that needs to also be done at some point.

When I come down he immediately goes outside to mow the grass.
I start to eat dinner. I'm starving now because all I had time to eat today was M&M's every time my daughter went potty.

When he came in I was giving the baby a bath. I woke up the baby because I had a brilliant idea. I'm going to spike his bottle with Rice Cereal to help him sleep longer. Actually the idea came with a little persuasion from my mother who told me that we were all eating cereal at 1 week old. There is no harm in giving the baby cereal. Had it been my first baby I would have gasped at the inclination of doing anything other than what was instructed by a doctor. All that goes out the window with baby number two. I NEED SLEEP!!! Also my bright idea came from a little bit of jealousy. A friend whose baby is 1 week younger than my little man told me yesterday that her baby is sleeping from 11pm to 5 am. I actually got a little jealous just writing those words. I was determined to make him sleep.

My husband took our daughter up for her bath. I fed the baby. Baby falls to sleep.

He brings her down via her favorite way. Hopping like a bunny.

We proceed with the normal nighttime routine. Milk, Cheerios and Simpsons.

He goes back upstairs to make the guest bed and vacuum.

When he is finished doing his chores. I take our daughter up for the second part of our nightly ritual...the reading of the books. I say it that way because it is a big to do. We choose which books, about 7-8. We read the books, but she has to turn the pages. Easy enough with the cardboard pages. Not so easy with thin little books. And just when we are on the last page of the last book she looks up to me with sleepy eyes and says..."I have to go potty,five M&M's?" I respond "Potty yes. M&M's no." Immediately the lip comes out and tears form. Luckily I was able to avert a major breakdown. I think she could sense the fire behind my eyes. So, with an empty bladder, the last book read, Vaseline on her lips, radio on, hugs, kisses and sweet dreams promised...finally sleep is in my horizon.

I come down to baby sleeping and husband finally relaxing too. I now go to the kitchen to mix my baby's sleep potion. I declare to my husband that I can not move one more muscle. He is going to have to feed the baby at 11pm. After that put him to bed with a full belly and that will surly allow for a good night's sleep. I go to bed yay!!

Wrong again sucka!! Exactly to the tee of three hours after the spiked bottle...whines from the baby's room. He wasn't crying and he would fall back to sleep in between but it was enough to keep me awake. BLURG!!! I'm going to pass out if I don't sleep. We let him go about a half hour. Then I could take it no longer. He was fidgeting and I was feeding him. Oh and in the middle of his whining, my daughter wakes up wanting to read books. I go and read one book, apply more Vaseline to her lips (bips as she calls them), and turn the radio on once more.

He eats two ounces and falls asleep. I'm dyin' here. Back in the crib he goes. Cries from the hallway return. More Vaseline is needed. And now I put the radio on to last the night or what's left of it.

Three more hours pass. Baby is hungry again and daughter is crying again. AHHHH!!! Blast you Mel Mel for making me believe that I too could have a baby that sleeps. Husband goes to feed the baby and I now go to sleep in daughter's bed.

One hour later, wake up to start my day.
What's on the agenda today: Maid of Honor dress fitting. After my menu yesterday of M&M's, peanut and plain, this should be fun.

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One Maid A' Milking said...

Ok, so I just had a horrible flashback with the remembrance of night wakings. Oh wait, that was last night! So tired.

Oh, and since you are a numbers girl-- I was born on Feb. 26, which means we are totally meant to be sisters in blogging.