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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Silently Waiting

I'm waiting for my husband to lose it. Our kitchen has been renovated now for almost a year. The thing he hated doing the most was putting in the under-the-cabinet lighting. It was very difficult to install. And I remember having to use the old earmuffs on my daughter's ears because of all the cursing.

There is a little button underneath the cabinet that you tap to turn on the lights. You can keep tapping until you've reached the desired lighting hue. The button is held on by some sort of glue. Well because this little button is next to the stove, it gets heated alot. Hence the glue heats and the button falls off and just hangs by the cord. Oh and it makes a very loud noise because it bangs against the top of the stove when it falls. It scares me to death all the time.

He hasn't expressed his anger about this yet. Almost everyday the button falls. I do not say anything. I do not ask him to reattach it. I just come down to breakfast in the morning and it's like the lighting elves have been working through the night. The button is up and holding.

So, I'm lying in wait for the big blowout. It is sure to happen soon.

We'll call this day #1 for the countdown. I'll let ya know!

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