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Friday, May 9, 2008

She's Potty Trained...

Or so we thought. Okay, so it started with the normal fight. "I don't want to go potty" announced the stubborn tot. And then she stated "I want Pull Up." Well, duh dummy. I realized that she knows exactly what she is doing. So I got a little smart...just a little. I told her that we were all out of Pull Ups and she would in fact have to use the potty. Do you know what she then said "I want diaper!" Grrrrrr. I retaliated with "Nope there are gone too." Then my little wonder spoke in that little voice, and gave the ol' puppy eyes and said "We go to Target?" Grrrrr. I said "No my precious little angel we are not going to Target, we are out of pull ups and diapers and you are going to have to use the potty. Then in the same tone and puppy eyes she said "Go to supermarket?" Grrrr. Finally she gave in. She went on the potty and all day she did great. She even had a diaper on after her nap and told me she had to go. I thought we were golden. And then it happened. The dog was rolling around in the yard and we thought she would get a kick out of it. We called her to the window and the smell hit me. I a little nugget rolled out of her pants and onto the floor. Ewwwwww!!!!! In the tub we went. Oh and then my son threw up on me. Yipppeee, I love parenting.

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